Prayer for Kairos Prison Ministry

We are thankful for the steadfast service of one of our regular attenders Dale Maynard. Dale has been involved with a prison ministry called Kairos for a number of years. Kairos Prison ministry is an international, non-denominational, Gospel-driven work that seeks to establish Christian community inside prisons through the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

Dale will be taking part in a weekend opportunity with Kairos at Trumbull prison Thursday, March 23rd – Sunday, March 26th. There will be approximately 30 volunteers and 24 residents spending time in talks, chapel messages, prayer and service among other things.

We are grateful to God for the witness Dale and others will have and if you would like to join him on the “outside” in prayer he and his team would be incredibly encouraged.

If you would like to pray for this ministry weekend, click here to pick a time to specifically pray for the work that will happen at Trumbull from Thursday, March 23rd – Sunday March 26th. There will be many others signing up beyond Shoreline who will be praying as well.

There are number of things you can be praying for as you think of the prison residents (health to participate in the weekend activities, acceptance of the team’s arrival, etc.), volunteers going in (wisdom and Spirit led conversations etc.), and for the prison staff that will facilitate their arrival and time within the prison.

If you have questions you can connect with Dale by email here.

When Christ taught about unassuming ways of God-glorifying service, he mentioned the prisoner when he said, “when I was in prison you visited me.”

Thanks for considering partnering in prayer for Dale’s weekend opportunity, and for Kairos Prison Ministry.