Welcome to Church Center

The Church Center App is a great way to connect with the latest information and opportunities here at Shoreline. You can use the app to join groups and ministries, sign up for events, receive updates, and give online. 

Below are instructions for logging into Church Center and giving in Church Center. 

How to log-in to Church Center

To access Church Center you first need to download the app. You can download Church Center from the app store here, and from Google Play here

Once you download the app you can grant it permission to access location services on your phone. If you allow this then our Shoreline Church profile will pop up as an option for you to log into when you first open the app. 

If you would prefer not to share your location with the app, then you can search for “Shoreline Church Willoughby” to find our profile in Church Center

Once you are in our Shoreline Church profile in the app, you can log into your own personal profile via your phone number. 

We have transferred all existing profiles from TouchPoint to Church Center, so if you had a profile in TouchPoint then you already have one in Church Center. Logging in with your phone number will allow you to access that existing account. 

If you didn’t have a profile in TouchPoint, logging in with your phone number will allow you to create a new profile in Church Center

Once you are logged into your profile you can start using Church Center to engage with Shoreline!

If you would like you can also access our Church Center page in your browser by going here: www.cometoshoreline.churchcenter.com/login

You can send any questions about logging in to Faith Montonini at fmontonini@cometoshoreline.com or at (440) 363-8411. 

Giving in Church Center

Once you have logged into Church Center, either in the app or in your browser, click on the “Give” tab (located at the bottom in the app and at the top in the browser). 

From there you can choose the amount, fund, and frequency of your gift. This screen will also give you the option to input your bank account or card information. 

Once you have put in this information click the “give” button at the bottom to submit your gift. 

Again, if you have any questions please contact Faith Montonini at fmontonini@cometoshoreline.com or at (440) 363-8411.