Gentle & Lowly

Book Recs

Recently we started a new sermon series called “Discovering the Heart of Christ.”

As a supplement to this series we are recommending Dane Ortlund’s new book Gentle & Lowly.

In Gentle & Lowly Dane Ortlund (PhD, Wheaton College), the chief publishing officer and Bible publisher at Crossway, expounds “The heart of Christ for sinners and sufferers.”

As Ortlund writes in the introduction:

“This book is written for the discouraged, the frustrated, the weary, the disenchanted, the cynical, the empty. Those running on fumes. Those whose Christian lives feel like constantly running up a descending escalator” (p. 13).

In each chapter Ortlund takes a passage of Scripture and explains how it presents the wonderful truth of Christ’s gentle and lowly heart for those who are weighed down by their sins and suffering. Ortlund also helpfully shares insights from writers like Thomas Goodwin, Charles Spurgeon, John Bunyan, Richard Sibbes, and more, to help readers dive deep into the wonderful truth of Christ’s loving heart for us.

In this time of fear and uncertainty, there is no greater comfort than remembering Christ’s heart for us. Gentle & Lowly is a helpful and timely book in this regard, and Ortlund provides readers with both theological depth and devotional encouragement.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Gentle & Lowly we have copies available to buy on Sunday mornings for $15. You can also stop by the church office during the week to purchase a copy, or order it from Amazon here.