This Sunday, July 19th, we will be having an outdoor worship service in our parking lot at 10am.

The outdoor service will replace our normal 9 & 11am services on this Sunday.

Here are some reminders for this outdoor Service:

Bring a Chair

Bring a chair, blanket, or something to sit on during the service. We will be using outdoor speakers, so feel free to park and then sit outside your car during the service.

Radio Station

If you would prefer to stay inside your car you can listen to the service on the radio at 89.9 FM.

Social Distancing

Before, during, and after the service we ask that everyone practice safe social distancing. Masks are encouraged. 

In Case of Rain

If it rains during the service we will move inside our church building. We will also continue to play the service over the radio if you would prefer to stay in your car. 

Song Sheets

Print versions of the songs sheets for the service will be available as you drive in. If you would prefer a digital version of the song sheet you can find it here.

Gentle & Lowly Books

Last week we started a new summer sermon series on “Discovering the Heart of Christ”. As a supplement to this study we invite you to purchase a copy of the book Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund. The books are available for purchase on Sunday mornings, and you can also stop by the church office during the week to buy a copy.

Membership Class

Following the outdoor service Chris Durbin will be leading a Membership Class in the Fireside Room. If you would like to sign up for this class email Chris at

Worship Services on 7/26

On Sunday, July 26th we will resume our normal worship services in the auditorium at 9am and 11am.